Shape refers to the overall form and appearance of the stone; such as round, square etc. The shape and cut quality are sometimes confused. Most popular shapes are round, rectangular or square, oval and other fancy shapes. We have included shape in the 10Cs as shape influences price of a diamond. When diamonds are cut and polished from rough they lose up to half of their weight and this loss determines the price. Round brilliant cut is more expensive than princess or pear shape diamond as during cutting process we lose around half of rough diamond's weight.

All shapes other than round brilliant cut diamond shape are called fancy shapes. Different shapes have varied ability to reflect light and the same criteria can have different impact on overall look of a diamond in depending their shape. Unique criteria determine quality for each shape.


This shape is the most popular shape of all diamond shapes with 57 facets.


This diamond shape is the second most popular shape after round brilliant cut. It is a square cut shape with 57 to 76 facets


Broad flat table and cut corners, step cut, this shape usually has 57 facets but varies depending crown and pavilion rows


Asscher or square emerald cut usually has 50 to 58 facets


This diamond's long oval shape with opposite sharp points optimises carat weight and provides larger looking diamond


Symmetrical elongated rounded shape usually with 58 facets


Radiant is with trimmed corners shape and brilliant step cut. This shape usually has 70 facets


A unique shape with a single point and opposite end rounded, also known as teardrop with usually 56 to 58 facets


Heart shape design for the romantic. 56 to 58 facets


Triangular shape diamond with beautiful fire and brilliance between 31 to 50 facets