“Diamonds are forever”. Well relatively speaking. These minerals have been formed over 2 billions of years ago and inside carry the history of time. Let’s have a look a diamond’s cut. It is the cut that influences the reflection of light. The light reflected in an excellent cut diamond unleashes its beauty. Cut is the most important of the 4Cs. All the fire, scintillation and sparkle you see depend on a diamond’s cut. Here is an anatomy of a modern round brilliant cut diamond.
The beauty of diamond lies in its ability to disperse and transmit light with the resulting sparkle and fire. Often a diamond’s cut and shape are confused. Diamonds are cut and polished in different shapes, round, princess, heart, oval and the list goes on. Where cut grade refers to how well the diamond transmits, reflects or disperses light.

It is very important to cut a stone to precise proportions, symmetry and polish to achieve the fire and the sparkle we all admire in a beautiful diamond and it is crucial for overall beauty and value. And these proportions affect on:

Brightness is the amount internal and external white light reflected from a diamond
Fire is the coloured sparkles of the rainbow visible when light is dispersed and reflected from the diamond
Flash is the white coloured light sparkles reflected from the diamond
Scintillation is the amount of sparkle and play of white and coloured flashes of light that a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond

Consider this. A poor cut diamond will appear dull even if it is of perfect clarity and colour. Cut is the most important of the 4Cs. We always recommend you choose the best possible cut grade within your budget. As you can see from below images if a diamond is cut shallow most of the light escapes from the diamond. Similarly if a diamond is cut deep same happens. On the other hand an ideal cut diamond traps the light inside the gemstone and you see the reflected light as the sparkly beauty it is.

IFFL cut scale chart

At IFFL we prefer to work with GIA cut scale as it makes it easier for you to compare apples with apples. You may notice some online retailers slightly change the names for marketing purposes but essentially it is the same cut scale as GIA.

Cut Scale Excellent - A diamond that has even patterns and scores in the top category for all proportional characteristics, polish and symmetry. Only these cuts are used in our signature range to ensure you receive a most beautiful diamond.

Very good – Still a great cut that reflects most light entered in diamond. This diamond may have small overall variations that increase darkness in the pavilion mains. We use these diamonds in some of our other collections. Represents good value for money

Good – Scintillation is affected in this grade. Less light is reflected from the diamond than a very good cut diamond and diamond may appear dull. Some online retailers offer these in their budget ranges. At IFFL we usually do not recommend diamonds of this cut grade

The other 2 grades in GIA scale are Fair and Poor. These diamonds generally are quite dull and do not reflect as much light and in some cases at all. We do not recommend to spend money on these diamonds.

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