How Does It Work?


Step by step process

Step 1 - Online or in person consultation with our Experts
We conduct an initial meeting and consultation, over the phone or in person, to understand your goals and objectives and requirements. You will benefit from our gemologists expertise and will come out of this step with a better understanding and additional knowledge on diamonds in general.
Step 2 - Sourcing. Direct Source Wholesale
After receiving your instructions our team starts working on your project. We research and find the best viable options that meet your criteria through our access to Direct Source Wholesale global marketplace. Generally we source up to 5 options for you to choose from.
Step 3 - IFFL research and sourcing report proposal
Once we have all the necessary information we prepare a comprehensive report that showcases the presented diamonds from which you may choose the your best option. All pricing information, freight and taxation information are provided in this report.
Step 4 - Order placement
When you are happy with the selection of presented diamonds and they reflect your objectives you place the order to acquire the diamond/s.
Step 5 - IFFL Probity report and independent valuation
We place the order on your behalf, make necessary payments and when the order is received our diamond experts verify the probity of the diamond, ensure everything is correct, take microscope images and send for independent valuation.
Step 6 - Order completion
This is the last step for acquisition cycle where the transaction is finailsed and you take possession of the diamond.
Storage - if required
As an individual or SMSF investor, if required, we can help you with your storage requirements and introduce you to safe deposit box providers.
Sales - if required
At any stage of your investment cycle or if you just decided to sell, we can help you to place your diamond/s in global marketplace for sales.