The old adage for investing is buying low selling high. Where no one can predict the future, well certainly not us, IFFL can definitely help you to buy low. And buying low is the best start for a great investment.
Imagine buying a beautiful diamond at $50,000 and selling in 10 years time for $60,000. And making $10,000 and buying that same diamond at wholesale level and paying only $35,000 and making a huge $25,000 profit when you sell it.

So how does this all work?
The process is fairly simple

Once you tell us your requirements, criteria and give us your instructions our gemstone expert researchers will scour the world and Direct Source Wholesale marketplace to find a suitable diamond or precious gemstones for you.

After we find a few suitable diamonds that fit your criteria we will present them to you so you can choose from them or if you are not happy with the selection we go back to drawing board and repeat the process until we find exactly what you are looking for.

You will than let us know your preferences and choose a couple of more options for us to place an order and purchase it on your behalf.

At this stage a deposit is payable to cover initial expenses. At all stages you will be fully aware of the prices of gemstones from the supplier delivered to our office.

As soon as the diamond is arrived at our studio, you will be invited to view and confirm the laser inscriptions if any under our studio microscope. At the same time our gemologist and diamond experts will examine the gemstone to ensure its integrity and issue an authenticity certificate. We will also obtain a valuation certificate for insurance and validation purposes. If you require we can help you with storage, safe deposit box solutions.

The last stage of transaction is delivery of diamond to you and balance of transaction payment.