Because with IFFL you can access the same marketplace diamond dealers and diamond wholesalers do and pay same price they do.
And this is why the same diamond costs less when you buy with IFFL than when you buy from diamond dealers and diamond wholesalers, online and retail jewellers. With IFFL you buy direct from the source. No margins added.
So how does it work?
IFFL works like real estate agency, you always know the direct source wholesale price of a diamond and you know the finder's fee you're paying. Nothing hidden and fully transparent.
You pay the same price as diamond dealers and diamond wholesalers pay then add margin and resell it to you. At IFFL your price is the same as their buy price.
The Lowest.
How do you know the price you are paying is the lowest and correct wholesale price?
IFFL transparent pricing guarantees you see the Direct Source Wholesale prices from global marketplace. You will have access to purchase invoices and import documents. Nothing hidden and fully transparent. That's our promise to you.

IFFL - Integrity. Fairness. Fidelity. Loyalty - And this why IFFL is the only way to buy diamonds.
If you want to access millions of diamonds at real wholesale prices speak with us. Request an expert consultation. It's free. No obligation whatsoever.
Call us or drop a line. We are here to help.

This Is How You Will Benefit From IFFL™ Services

1. Integrity peace of mind. You know what you see and are promised is what you get. We provide not only diamond lab reports but also integrity reports and valuation certificates that offers peace of mind of a correct decision.

2. No hassle, no buyer anxiety and yes reassurance. We do all the legwork for you and you just make the decision knowing that you're in good hands and your decision is based on solid research. The time saved alone here is worth more than a penny.

3. And last but not least, substantial financial savings. The savings you will achieve by using our services could amount to thousands based on your buy that can be used for a setting. For investors as the old adage goes, buy low, sell high.